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Floor Plan


1st Avenue Roof Replacement

Roof scaffolding, single weave valleys, 12/12 pitch, tight ropes, 22sq and a whole lot of fun for the crew!


Woodland Avenue Roof Replacement

Roof replacement on only one side. Fortunately we were able to match the color with this pewter grey three tab shingle. We always go with a single cut weave or metal W style valleys in these southeastern climates.


Pickering Way Roof Replacement

This project included a full demolition and a new lean to roof for the westside deck. We used an IKO Cambridge architectural shingle for superior protection on the 2/12 pitch.


Berry Ct. Roof Replacement

IKO architectural shingles, 4/12 pitch, 18sq fully completed with a 3 man crew in just 3 days!


Arnold Avenue Roof Replacement

Full demo and reconstruction of this 46 sq monster. With it residing on the hillside near Carlana Lake it is exposed to very high winds. We storm nailed the entire roof, consisting of over 13,500 hand driven roofing nails!


Lotus St Roof Maintenance

This home resides underneath a canopy of Spruce, Hemlock & Alder trees, resulting in a massive amount of debris on top of the roof during the fall. After all the leaves had fallen we came through to remove the debris and give this roof a superior chance at moss prevention.

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